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Gasthof Eggerwirt
Untere Gänsbachgasse 12
6370 Kitzbühel

Let’s go to the Eggerwirt!

When our manager Toni starts to wield his sceptre of a cooking spoon in the kitchen you know you can look forward to beautifully prepared, delicious Tyrolean specialities and international treats.

Treat yourself to a marvellous culinary experience in the traditional stylish setting of our spacious Floriani lounge – the heart of the Eggerwirt, as it were. A beautifully set table is your invitation to sample and savour an outstanding choice of good food and drink in a truly memorable atmosphere.

Locals and guests meet up in the Gänsbach lounge. Here you’ll find people chatting or engaged in lively discussions about almost every subject under the sun. And there’s always a reason to raise your glass and share in the conviviality of good company. Some will be busy playing Watten, a local card game, while others enjoy a hearty snack or a quiet chat with friends.

The conservatory is your gateway to heavenly delight in the truest sense of the word: here we pamper you with delicate dishes and the finest wines. And the stars in the sky will shine like never before. Such priceless moments all make for cherished memories.

Our mouths are already starting to water

Our menu bursts with delicious culinary delights and classic dishes. To take just a few examples:
Boiled fillet of beef (
Tafelspitz) with apple horseradish, roast potatoes and creamed spinach
Oven-fresh roast pork, bread dumplings and coleslaw salad
Homemade pasta with spinach and quark (
Schlutzkrapfen) served with butter and Parmesan cheese
Spinach dumplings, cheese
Spaetzle, Tyrolean bacon, potato and onion hash (Tiroler Gröstl), beef goulash and many other choices of tasty Tyrolean and Austrian fare!

Our speciality as a dessert:
vanilla souflée (Salzburger Nockerl), sweet cut-up pancake with raisins (Kaiserschmarr’n), cranberry dumplings (Moosbeernocken)

What’s more, we’d be delighted to tantalise your taste buds with our seasonal and exquisite specials of the day – including a traditional, freshly made ragout made with veal heart and lungs (Beuschel), fresh mushrooms, or irresistible “venison & game” creations. Enjoy your meal!

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